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back from the end of the Blogosphere

I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth. I have simply been busy. “Too busy to blog? Even just a little bit??” Yes, too busy to blog even just a little bit. However, things are moving such that the urge to blog cannot be ignored any longer, thus I will offer up an apologetic and nugget-filled update. (Note that I’m not going as far as promising more regular updates…)
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literally surpassing a dream

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front lately. We’re expecting our 3rd child just about any second now (or so it’s seemed for the past 3 weeks – due date is later this week) and I’ve been busy helping prep the house for that event. (Homebirth, just like our first two.) Today something happened that just needed to be blogged.

About two or three weeks ago I had a dream. I was standing in my bedroom window talking on the phone to someone who was offering me a job. They told me the salary they were offering, and it was a good 20% more than what I’m making currently, and above the target salary I’ve been struggling to get to for the past 4 years or so. I still remember the feeling that came with that dream; I was so happy, relieved, and excited. That number stuck in my head for a while after that.

Today, that number no longer applies.
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totally unrelated: working and nostrils

Step right up for two totally unrelated topics, folks!

First, some very encouraging news from work. This past week I e-mailed my boss to tell him that I’ve very much enjoyed the work thus far, and would like to know his timetable for filling the vacant position he has open. Turns out he has TWO vacant positions, has been enjoying my work very much thus far, and to prove it I’ve got interviews with both HR and the engineering manager on Monday. WOO!! Good stuff.

Oh look… a transitional sentence.

Now, I’d like to talk about my nostrils. If you get grossed out easily, stop here. For the rest of you…
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off to an interesting start

Welcome to 2008! It’s off to a brisk start, with some interesting developments happening over the holidays.
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update points!

Santa, please forgive me, ’cause I’ve been a baaaaaaad blogger. Truth be told, I just haven’t had the time to blog (or read blogs – I’m so behind), especially since the Internet use policy was “clarified” for me at work (the subject of a future rant, I’m sure). Much has happened, so I feel I should at least get the relevant points out there, even if I can’t expound on them as extensively as I’d normally like to.
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my temp job processing eggs

I had meant to chronicle my latest temp job that I took – over a year ago – while looking for real work. I don’t recall whether I held the job for not even a full week or for just under two weeks, but it was long enough to fully understand the kind of work I do not want to do for a living.

The company I was placed at is an egg processing facility, just about 20 minutes North of where I live. There are no hens there. Just equipment, and lots and lots and lots of eggs. I got to work in two different areas of the plant, and got to see pretty much the whole operation. And boy, it was eye-opening.
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if you’re keen on something, let it go

It’s been strangely quiet on the AXP front, hasn’t it? Well, it’s not from lack of trying. Just about two weeks ago I did some number crunching, and determined what salary I’d need (approximately) to be able to justify moving out West to pursue my long-dormant ambitions of being an automotive designer (with the added icing of competing in a competition to design a significantly more sustainable vehicle to boot). Salary talk is pretty heavy stuff, but so is moving a young family halfway across a continent, so I figured I’d put it out there, and would either get a “No problem! How soon can you move?” or a “Oh, hey, that’s a bit rich. Thanks for your interest.”

Instead, I got a brief, encouraging e-mail, and then nothing.
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