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it’s like the day of the Triffids

I read a lot of sci-fi in my younger days (when I still had time to read for leisure). One book I remember reading was Day of the Triffids. For those that haven’t read it, the two-cent synopsis is that space weapons malfunction, wreaking havoc on the citizens of Earth. Today felt EXACTLY like that.

It’s probably not space-based weapons going haywire, but it may as well be. First, I started getting a migraine over breakfast. It never went away, but after trying for 20 minutes to get my work webmail to actually let me log in to tell my boss I’m not coming in, it degraded itself into just a headache. As I had training to go to, I decided to grimace and bear it. Then I tried to leave, but my car wouldn’t start. Thankfully, we do have a second vehicle, and it wasn’t needed by the rest of the household today so I took it. Then, lucky me, I got to sit through five hours of extremely dry “training”, which is basically getting an overview of Standard Operating Procedures. To say that it was dry would be an understatement – it was an active dessicant, if anything. Then I get a distressed phone call from Jannette telling me the kids are going batshit trying to get her to give them her iPod so they can play Breakout, and completely not listening to her or even caring that they have lost most of their priviledges for the week and being a hair’s breadth from being smacked (from a woman who has never, ever spanked). I’m still waiting to hear whether our financing has gone through so I call the mortgage broker only to find out that his BUSINESS card has his HOME e-mail address on it, so while he received it he doesn’t have it at work and thereby can’t give us an answer until tomorrow. Then I get home to see if there’s something I can do to fix my car, and notice that the exhaust system has been cleaved in two. Calling the dealer, it may be that the timing belt has slipped (only $600 to fix and replace), or I’ve blown a head gasket, or possibly even damaged the cylinder head ($4000). Realizing there is no way around getting a tow in to the dealer, I call to book a tow for tomorrow morning, and the guy shows up 13.5 hours early. And the last insult of the day was that there were no parking spots left at soccer, so I had to park a good long distance away.

Insert a forceful, ear-searing four-letter word of your choice in ALL CAPS here.

So, come on midnight. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with June 10, 2008, but if it was a car it would be a lemon, if it was a toy it would have lead paint and be recalled, and if it was a horse it would be shot. Screw you, today – I’m going to bed soon.


if you’re keen on something, let it go

It’s been strangely quiet on the AXP front, hasn’t it? Well, it’s not from lack of trying. Just about two weeks ago I did some number crunching, and determined what salary I’d need (approximately) to be able to justify moving out West to pursue my long-dormant ambitions of being an automotive designer (with the added icing of competing in a competition to design a significantly more sustainable vehicle to boot). Salary talk is pretty heavy stuff, but so is moving a young family halfway across a continent, so I figured I’d put it out there, and would either get a “No problem! How soon can you move?” or a “Oh, hey, that’s a bit rich. Thanks for your interest.”

Instead, I got a brief, encouraging e-mail, and then nothing.
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Thanks to all who commented in regards to my frustration with work. Please all be assured that I was venting – I wasn’t going to leave, that’s for sure. I’d rather stick with the status quo than leave, but when they’ve been wavering for SO LONG about bringing me on permanently, it gets frustrating.

Thankfully, it’s all been taken care of now. They’ve eliminated my position. I’m officially a victim of the surging Canadian dollar.
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it’s like a friggin’ all day breakfast here

You like the title of the post? Yeah? Me too. Oh, what does it mean? I’m talking about work, and their decision to hire me full-time (or not). In a word:

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there’s no delicate way to put this

Over the course of the past 6 months or so, I’ve used more gum than I have in the past 6 years probably. The reasons are sane enough; I wanted something to freshen my breath before interviews, and chewing gum helps me stay alert on night drives when the rest of my family has zonked out. As a result of going through so much gum (in a very relative sense) I’ve had the opportunity to sample a fair number of different flavours. In general, no big surprises there. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that one certain flavour of gum, from two separate brands, no less, has the exact same regretable aftertaste.

There is really no nice way to say this… The mixed berry flavours of Trident and Dentyne both taste like…
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so very sad

I haven’t seen or talked to my friends of long ago Paul and Sarah in probably over a decade. Regardless, I still consider them friends, and have followed along when I heard that their youngest son was having some medical issues. That was over a year ago, and it sounded like everything turned out just peachy after a liver transplant.

Until the other day.

The only information I have is second- (or maybe even third-) hand, but suffice to say things went from bad to worse, and their youngest son is now dead at the tender age of three. THREE. That is the same age as Isaac. I couldn’t imagine having a child that age taken away like that.

Lessons to be learned:
1) Stay in touch with good friends.
2) Cherish who you have while you can.
3) Nothing’s really fair, but that won’t stop it from happening.

Please consider thinking of them (and their elder son, 5 years old) this Thursday. I know I will be.

I’ve missed the point perhaps

The other day a new comment popped up. The person leaving the comment was promoting their website, and wanted me to have a look and join up. It’s purported a site where you can blog about work, so I thought I’d check it out. (After all, blogging about work is hardly unfamiliar ground here at NFT.)

Well, consider me totally underwhelmed. I honestly don’t understand what I’m supposed to get out of this website, nor what else I’m supposed to do with all the other content that’s on there. Consider me stumped.
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