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resolution ’08

For the past many years I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions about food. It all started with deciding not to eat French fries anymore in 2001. That worked, so next year it was doughnuts. Then fried chips, then pop, and then chocolate bars. (I seem to be missing a year, or a food item I swore off. Hmmm, I’ll have to consult Jannette – with the better memory – on that one.) Unfortunately, come Hallowe’en I forgot about that, fell off the wagon, and had to renew my resolution not to each chocolate bars again in 2007. Well, this year it stuck, so now I’m resolving to cut out another recreational food that I don’t need.

This year, I’m widening the scope, and will not be eating… (drum roll please)… vending machine food.
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there’s no delicate way to put this

Over the course of the past 6 months or so, I’ve used more gum than I have in the past 6 years probably. The reasons are sane enough; I wanted something to freshen my breath before interviews, and chewing gum helps me stay alert on night drives when the rest of my family has zonked out. As a result of going through so much gum (in a very relative sense) I’ve had the opportunity to sample a fair number of different flavours. In general, no big surprises there. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that one certain flavour of gum, from two separate brands, no less, has the exact same regretable aftertaste.

There is really no nice way to say this… The mixed berry flavours of Trident and Dentyne both taste like…
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brain fart, job update

First, the brainfart. The one-dollar coin (now worth US$1 – woo!) was instantly nicknamed the Loonie. The two-dollar coin, after some hemming and hawing, was eventually nicknamed the Toonie. Some time earlier this year I heard rumour about a five-dollar coin being examined. We’re not ready for it yet, but it will be coming at some point in the future. So the question is, what the heck will we call it? The Finnie, a take off of “finn”? The Johnnie, after John A MacDonald (who I would assume would grace it as he does the $5 bill)? We don’t have a coin with a Canadian Goose on it yet, so maybe the Royal Mint would choose that and we could call it the Goosie?

Why do I care? I guess I don’t… but hey, I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to make up stupid nicknames for nonexistent currency. Can ya blame me?

Oh, look – a transitional sentence. Speaking about my job…
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alive, just rather busy

I have not dropped off the face of the earth, but I have been busy of late. Just to purge the old lump of spam I call a brain, I have compiled a smattering of what’s going on.
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insert incredulous Facebook post here

Yes, I finally decided to join the masses on I joined not to see how many friends I could get (or have) but to allow others to find me. Specifically, those that might want to hire me in the future. Just as much as having a lewd MySpace profile can sink a job prospect (I’ve read of exactly that happening), having a “normal” Facebook profile might help.

At first, it was kind of neat. I found some friends, some old friends, even a couple of ex-girlfriends. People from all aspects of my life, past and present, started turning up. It was really nifty.

Then it got a bit weird. Someone I knew from residence showed up, which was neat – I hadn’t heard from him in years. Usually when someone adds me as a friend the first thing I do is look through their friend list to see if there’s anyone else I know to add. But in this case, I wondered what the hell he’d gotten up to! Out of a list of 60-some-odd friends, about a THIRD of them were bodybuilding women. I am talking muscles on muscles that would shame Gov. Arnie. Oxford’s dictionary doens’t have that much definition. Truly, I wondered what the hell happened. (Turns out he got into photography, and started shooting female bodybuilders.)

That was positively tame compared to what showed up the other night. First, it was someone I hadn’t seen since highschool. Second, it’s someone I actually used to be best friends with in elementary school. But what really took the cake was when his profile revealed that he is a producer of amateur pornography, a club promoter, and co-owns a “pan-sexual” nightclub in Toronto. To top it all off, he is “in an open relationship”. HUH?!?

Jannette finds it weird to find friends from highschool that now have kids. I think I’ve got her out-weirded.

Happy pi day!

Happy pi day to all! I was reminded this morning (by CBC Radio2, of all sources) that today is the 3rd month and the 14th day… 3.14, or pi. I remeber Wil Wheaton celebrating pi day in one of his posts (back when I read WWDN:IX religously), and promptly forgot about it, until today’s reminder.

I’m not really sure what the proper salutation for pi day is, but I guess “Happy pi day” will have to suffice. It should follow that pie is served on pi day, no? Tortiere for dinner (meat pie) along with a suitable dessert pie to follow. Yeah.

Anyway, happy 3.1415926535897923… drat, I’m already stuck. I used to know it to about 60 decimal places in highschool. Ah, youth.