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Ah, comfort

Last Christmas we bought pajamas for the whole family, myself included. The aren’t just regular jammies, they are no less than adult-sized footie jammies. If you’re looking to relive your childhood in polar fleece comfort, I can highly recommend Snug As A Bug for fulfilling those needs.


places I have personally looked for the banana

Under the beds.
In the closets.
In the laundry hampers.
In the washer and dryer.
Inside the rolls of new toilet paper.
Between the mattress and the bed.
In all the drawers at or below toddler level.
In all the cupboard at or below toddler level.
In the central vac line.
In all the garbages.
In the toilets.
Behind all the doors.
Behind the paintings and mirrors leaning against the wall behind the door.
In the drawers of the storage caddy in the one closet.
In the hope chest.
In the shower stall.
In the bathtub.
Beside the washer and dryer.
Under and on top of any pile in the hallway or any room.

Where the HELL is this banana???

MUCH better, thankyouverymuch…

I’m pleased to announce that yesterday ended at midnight, and I was asleep nearly two full hours before then. So the day that started badly at least ended well enough.

As for my car… well, the good news is that it only required $1400 in service. The bad news would have been a LOT worse. See, turns out the timing belt slipped, thus throwing the engine way out of tune, ensuring it wouldn’t run. However, on TDI engines, if the timing belt breaks, valves slam into pistons and you’re looking at a new cylinder head, if not a new engine outright. That, my friends, would set me back about $4000. So $1400 is good news indeed. And at least I get quite a bit for my money; a new timing belt (so we’re good there for another 120k or so), a new water pump (ditto), and a new EGR valve. With those taken care of, the big nagging worry is gone (the timing belt) and the minor driveability issues I’d been having should be cured.

Of course, I still need to deal with the exhaust issue, but that’s something else entirely.

House: dammit, we’re SO close… the lender wants to do some due diligence because I’m still in my probationary period at work, but otherwise we have it. Until they give the all-green, however, our financing condition stays. And here I thought we’d have it all put to bed on Monday. Silly me…

To end off on a positive note: the kids went to bed without much trouble, and it’s going to go down to 9°C tonight so the house will get nice and cool. (Too bad all the neighbours can’t seem to figure that out – I’m listening to the hum of air conditioners as I type.) It’ll be nice to have a good, deep, cool sleep. Yeah.

it’s like the day of the Triffids

I read a lot of sci-fi in my younger days (when I still had time to read for leisure). One book I remember reading was Day of the Triffids. For those that haven’t read it, the two-cent synopsis is that space weapons malfunction, wreaking havoc on the citizens of Earth. Today felt EXACTLY like that.

It’s probably not space-based weapons going haywire, but it may as well be. First, I started getting a migraine over breakfast. It never went away, but after trying for 20 minutes to get my work webmail to actually let me log in to tell my boss I’m not coming in, it degraded itself into just a headache. As I had training to go to, I decided to grimace and bear it. Then I tried to leave, but my car wouldn’t start. Thankfully, we do have a second vehicle, and it wasn’t needed by the rest of the household today so I took it. Then, lucky me, I got to sit through five hours of extremely dry “training”, which is basically getting an overview of Standard Operating Procedures. To say that it was dry would be an understatement – it was an active dessicant, if anything. Then I get a distressed phone call from Jannette telling me the kids are going batshit trying to get her to give them her iPod so they can play Breakout, and completely not listening to her or even caring that they have lost most of their priviledges for the week and being a hair’s breadth from being smacked (from a woman who has never, ever spanked). I’m still waiting to hear whether our financing has gone through so I call the mortgage broker only to find out that his BUSINESS card has his HOME e-mail address on it, so while he received it he doesn’t have it at work and thereby can’t give us an answer until tomorrow. Then I get home to see if there’s something I can do to fix my car, and notice that the exhaust system has been cleaved in two. Calling the dealer, it may be that the timing belt has slipped (only $600 to fix and replace), or I’ve blown a head gasket, or possibly even damaged the cylinder head ($4000). Realizing there is no way around getting a tow in to the dealer, I call to book a tow for tomorrow morning, and the guy shows up 13.5 hours early. And the last insult of the day was that there were no parking spots left at soccer, so I had to park a good long distance away.

Insert a forceful, ear-searing four-letter word of your choice in ALL CAPS here.

So, come on midnight. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with June 10, 2008, but if it was a car it would be a lemon, if it was a toy it would have lead paint and be recalled, and if it was a horse it would be shot. Screw you, today – I’m going to bed soon.

back from the end of the Blogosphere

I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth. I have simply been busy. “Too busy to blog? Even just a little bit??” Yes, too busy to blog even just a little bit. However, things are moving such that the urge to blog cannot be ignored any longer, thus I will offer up an apologetic and nugget-filled update. (Note that I’m not going as far as promising more regular updates…)
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more fun with my nostrils

My neti pot has been very patiently waiting for me since last I posted. The other day something transpired that made me take it up again. Actually, “transpire” is a pretty good word choice (if not entirely accurate in its dual meaning.)

You see, once in a while when I’m eating I’ll swallow slightly funny and some food will get stuck at the back of my throat, and it feels like it’s trying to make its way up my nose from the back. It’s not a pleasant feeling by any means, but the food usually dislodges by itself and I think nothing more of it. This past week, however, I was eating some peanut butter and bread and some bread got stuck. It was quite irritating, so I decided to blow my nose. Lo and behold, I managed to blow a chunk of chewed bread out my right nostril. Yeah.
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just to cap the week off

Man, what a week it’s been. Monday I get the offer for the permanent position at work – great stuff. But Tuesday was just as good, if not better. Tuesday morning Jannette’s water broke, so after being at work for all of an hour I went home again. Our 3rd child (Carter Timothy) was born at 1:48pm, coming down the chute at a hefty 10lbs and 10oz! I should mention that Jannette did this the way she did both other kids; at home, and totally drug-free. That’s right, at 10lb baby drug free, and without any tears. Yes, I married SuperMommy.

So I got to spend the week at home, including Valentine’s Day (and the brand-new and upcoming Family Day), but it was all tempered by having the stomach flu go through the entire family. Yes, including me. I spent much of Valentine’s Day gingerly moving around and napping. Thankfully the “ab workout” I got was much shorter than what the kids endured.

Now we’re at the end of the week, we’re all healthy again, the kitchen and laundry are almost under control, and both Mom and Carter are doing very well. It’s really been a heck of a week!