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Tonight I celebrate my 35th birthday. I’m watching Ocean’s Thirteen and have had two generous White Russians. Thus, it’s MyDruBloDay – My Drunk Blog Day. Whee!

First, thanks to all who responded to my last post about nasal irrigation. I was pleasantly surprised by the largely positive feedback! Once I get the chance, I’ll be salinating my next lavage. And some day I want to see the noodle trick, Kat.

BTW, White Russians are EXCELLENT. Vodka, Kaluha, and cream and/or milk to suit. Yum. It’s the extended family vacation drink of choice. It may not be full of fruit (unlike the daiquiries that I normally favour) but there’s no blender needed, so it’s a nice easy drink to prepare on vacation (or once the kids are safely asleep).

I’m going to get back to my movie (and 3rd drink I just made). Sorry I couldn’t be more effervescently verbose during my rare intoxication, but hey, ’tis my birthday and I’m going to get back to enjoying it. Of course, we’ll see if I’m in any shape to attend church tomorrow, but that’s for tomorrow’s worries. 🙂


totally unrelated: working and nostrils

Step right up for two totally unrelated topics, folks!

First, some very encouraging news from work. This past week I e-mailed my boss to tell him that I’ve very much enjoyed the work thus far, and would like to know his timetable for filling the vacant position he has open. Turns out he has TWO vacant positions, has been enjoying my work very much thus far, and to prove it I’ve got interviews with both HR and the engineering manager on Monday. WOO!! Good stuff.

Oh look… a transitional sentence.

Now, I’d like to talk about my nostrils. If you get grossed out easily, stop here. For the rest of you…
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were I an offshore counterfeiter…

My kids love the movie Cars. We borrowed the DVD from my parents, and they watched it so much that I felt obligated to buy my parents a new copy, as theirs had become so… uh, well-used.

Of course, with loving the movie comes loving the characters. I’m fairly certain I’m helping put a Disney/Pixar employee’s kid through college, as we are pretty much littered with all the characters, sometimes in multiple copies and/or sizes/formats. It’s not a waste, either – they ALL get played with, for hours at a time sometimes. It’s amazing.

What I do NOT understand is how Pixar decided which characters would be made. Sure, you’ve got Lightning McQueen, Sally, Doc, Mater, Chick Hicks, The King, and so on and so forth, but I think they got some of it all wrong.
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resolution ’08

For the past many years I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions about food. It all started with deciding not to eat French fries anymore in 2001. That worked, so next year it was doughnuts. Then fried chips, then pop, and then chocolate bars. (I seem to be missing a year, or a food item I swore off. Hmmm, I’ll have to consult Jannette – with the better memory – on that one.) Unfortunately, come Hallowe’en I forgot about that, fell off the wagon, and had to renew my resolution not to each chocolate bars again in 2007. Well, this year it stuck, so now I’m resolving to cut out another recreational food that I don’t need.

This year, I’m widening the scope, and will not be eating… (drum roll please)… vending machine food.
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off to an interesting start

Welcome to 2008! It’s off to a brisk start, with some interesting developments happening over the holidays.
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