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Not-As-Annual-As-I-Thought No Way In Hell Christmas Fantasy Wish List 2007

Many moons ago I tried starting an annual “No Way In Hell Christmas Fantasy Wish List”. As I never put it in my calendar, I’ve forgotten quite a few times. I remembered this year (just in time), so I thought I’d resurrect this fun tradition and pull out my top ten items I’d put on my NWIHCFWL.

If any of you meme-addicted types out there are reading this, consider that you’ve been “tagged”. I want to read YOURS! Be sure to link back here so I get the pingback to read yours.
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update points!

Santa, please forgive me, ’cause I’ve been a baaaaaaad blogger. Truth be told, I just haven’t had the time to blog (or read blogs – I’m so behind), especially since the Internet use policy was “clarified” for me at work (the subject of a future rant, I’m sure). Much has happened, so I feel I should at least get the relevant points out there, even if I can’t expound on them as extensively as I’d normally like to.
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my temp job processing eggs

I had meant to chronicle my latest temp job that I took – over a year ago – while looking for real work. I don’t recall whether I held the job for not even a full week or for just under two weeks, but it was long enough to fully understand the kind of work I do not want to do for a living.

The company I was placed at is an egg processing facility, just about 20 minutes North of where I live. There are no hens there. Just equipment, and lots and lots and lots of eggs. I got to work in two different areas of the plant, and got to see pretty much the whole operation. And boy, it was eye-opening.
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