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radio survey!

Once in a while I get called for a survey. Last night it was a radio listening habits survey! I immediately thought of ACW, but didn’t skew the results as much as he would have. I did skew them pretty badly, as my listening habits don’t stray too far from CBC Radio 2 (classical, with a smattering of jazz in the later hours) and CBC Radio 1 (new/talk, some music). (Both have no commercials, which is what I like.)

Turns out the survey is for a local classic rock station, but I only found that out after skewering them pretty bad with some of the questions. Ah well, maybe they’ll improve… but likely not enough to lure me back. My tastes in radio music have squarely settled on “classical”, and thus CBC fits the bill very nicely. I can’t stand “adult contemporary”, “classic rock” just repeats the same damned stuff each week, and I hate both “country” and “Western”. An old temp job did that to me – burn in hell, “Concrete Angel”!!

I think that radio is on its way out. Some day I’m going to wake up, buy an iPod, subscribe to a bunch of really great podcasts, and listen to nothing but that on my way to and from work.


brain fart, job update

First, the brainfart. The one-dollar coin (now worth US$1 – woo!) was instantly nicknamed the Loonie. The two-dollar coin, after some hemming and hawing, was eventually nicknamed the Toonie. Some time earlier this year I heard rumour about a five-dollar coin being examined. We’re not ready for it yet, but it will be coming at some point in the future. So the question is, what the heck will we call it? The Finnie, a take off of “finn”? The Johnnie, after John A MacDonald (who I would assume would grace it as he does the $5 bill)? We don’t have a coin with a Canadian Goose on it yet, so maybe the Royal Mint would choose that and we could call it the Goosie?

Why do I care? I guess I don’t… but hey, I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to make up stupid nicknames for nonexistent currency. Can ya blame me?

Oh, look – a transitional sentence. Speaking about my job…
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so predictable it’s sad

Sigh. I knew this would happen… I really did. So why am I surprised? I guess I’m not really, but I had really hoped that it would have turned out differently.

It is now mid-September. September was supposed to be the month I was going to become a full-time employee, as per my discussion with the division manager many weeks back. I had not heard anything, so I decided to push for a contract rate increase. It’s warranted – I’ve got much more responsibility now than I did when my last rate increase was granted to me – and I thought it might nudge them to decide to bring me on. Either way, something had to happen… or so I thought.
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yes, I talk about work a lot

I will be the first to admit that I blog about work a lot. Not necessarily the work that I am doing, but the goings and comings of what one might be kind enough to call “my career”. One one hand I’m starting to feel like that is nearly the only topic I blog about anymore, where there are many other fascinating, uplifting, funny, insightful, or just plain meaningful things I could be talking about instead. On the other hand, anyone who has witnessed my career progression over the past 6 years first-hand should realize exactly what kind of a mess I’m trying to pull myself out of, and why I’m devoting so much air time and brain power to the subject.

For those of you that have joined in more recently, allow me to give you a brief synopsis of what’s happened, and why trying to put my career right is such a high priority for me.
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good fit != qualified, apparently

It has been only a week and a half since I had my interview. Normally I’m still waiting to hear whether I even have an interview under normal circumstances, but in this case I finally heard back. Despite my enthusiasm, our mutual biofuels interests notwithstanding, against even the best wishes from anonymous strangers, I was not offered the position. Any of the three positions, I suppose. I was commended on my desire to re-align my career to focus on sustainable projects, but nevertheless was offered the advice to read more and take more courses to build my knowledge base. I think that’s a pretty clear “you’re not qualified enough for us”. I can’t blame them, but I AM bummed about it.

So this is twice I’ve come as close as an interview to making an all-or-nothing career switch from my regular work towards actively promoting sustainability. Both times I’ve been passed by for lack of actual experience and/or knowledge. I suppose all I can do is keep doing what I’m doing, build up my knowledge base and experience as best I can, and hope that at some point in the future I’ll suddenly find myself just above that threshhold that will make the difference between a polite rejection and an offer.

Meanwhile, I’ve got other plans that will fill the void.
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