Monthly Archives: August 2007

the interview was… doubleplusgood!

This afternoon at 3pm I had my interview for a project manager position with a company deeply involved in renewable energy products. As I’ve mentioned, I originally applied for a different position with them a couple of months back, but never got called for it. This time they e-mailed me asking whether I’d like an interview, and of course I said yes. As that was the full extent of the information I had about the position, I couldn’t really prepare for the interview in any meaningful way. Turns out that was OK… it went as well as I’d ever hoped an interview could go.
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weirdest. dream. ever.

Be prepared to be underwhelmed, but I just had to put this dream down in writing so I wouldn’t forget about it.
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a smattering of me

Once again I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog, but it’s not for want of anything to blog about. So for the half-dozen of you following along at home, here’s what’s been going on of late:
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what’s this? local opportunities??

I’m getting settled at the new location at work. I’m all set up, I’m getting stuff done, but not having direct access to the network is still a ROYAL pain in the butt. And there’s no sign of my USB drive, nor any idea of where I’ll actually use it to access the network when I need to once a week. Argh.

The last half of this week has atoned for my lack of direct server access somewhat in the form of one phone call and one e-mail, both about local job opportunities! Although the thought of leaving this current position – especially as it might yet go permanent – scares the living heebie jeebies out of Jannette, I’m quite stoked. They are LOCAL, and both exciting in their own right.
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there’s shortsighted, and then there’s friggin’ blind

So, with the two new managers starting next week, space had to be made to put them somewhere. Thus, a bunch of office shuffling has been happening this week. The biggest part of this shuffle has been my relocating to another building. This was absoultely fine by me – I’d be in a much quieter building with fewer people, and those few that are around are more pertinent to my new position.

Yesterday I moved my big furniture (table, fake plant, filing cabinet) and this morning I cleared out the rest. By mid-morning I was all set up.

By mid-afternoon there was a very good likelyhood that I will be moving BACK. I am NOT FUCKING IMPRESSED.
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