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September-ish, probably

The news of a new engineering manager behing hired gave me concerns about how it will impact my bid for full-time status. The division manager is going on vacation for the week before and a few days after the August Civic holiday, so he’s not even going to be around to decide about my becoming a full-time employee. And of course when he does return, will he really want to make a decision right then, or pass it off to his new engineering manager? And will said engineering manager even be able to make a decision like that in the first month or two? Doubtful. So I bumped up my timeline, and got some sort of answer surprisingly quickly.
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boardroom surprise

Yesterday morning the division manager called all of the engineering staff into the boardroom for an unannounced meeting. He informed us that two long-open positions in the company have been filled, and in three weeks we’ll have a new operations manager and a new engineering manager starting. We the engineers will be reporting to the engineering manager, and the division manager will finally be able to extract himself from day-to-day operations and focus on growing the company.

There was one other tidbit of an announcement that he tossed in. Right now space is at a premium in the office, and someone asked where these two new bodies will be sitting. Part of his answer was that I might be moving to another plant. Hello, what?
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alive, just rather busy

I have not dropped off the face of the earth, but I have been busy of late. Just to purge the old lump of spam I call a brain, I have compiled a smattering of what’s going on.
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this learning curve is pretty damned steep

So it’s been a few weeks that I’ve had my diesel New Beetle now, and I’m really enjoying it. Great mileage (I’m pretty sure, anyways), drives well, and I’ve been fielding lots of questions about biodiesel. All good stuff.

That is, until Monday night when it stalled out on the expressway on me – at midnight, with Isabelle asleep in the back. The cause? Clogged fuel filter – exactly what I should expect using biodiesel, but I was caught unprepared. I learned that lesson very quickly, and now have a spare filter at the ready. Now I just have to learn how to swap them out.

So, big lesson learned, right? Everything’s OK? Sure.. until this morning.
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seriously freaky, I tell you

I wrote this post three weeks ago. Jannette had done something that elicited a fairly strong reaction from me, so she said, “You can blog about that – in three weeks.” Thanks to being able to delay my posts, I wrote this at that time and it’s just getting published now. Freaky, huh?

Speaking of freaky, “freaky” is the exact description of what Jannette did with her bellybutton. I’m not talking “slightly odd, something you would not normally do on a Saturday night” kind of freaky, I’m talking “sweet God in Heaven what the hell was THAT??” freaky.

This may be an strange way to announce it, but she’s pregnant. And as with her previous pregnancies, her belly is growing – quickly. VERY quickly. Normally, when people see her just entering her 3rd trimester people ask her if she’s due soon, or if she’s having twins. During her first pregnancy we were given some maternity overalls that apparently were made by Omar the Tent Maker, which Jannette thought she’d NEVER need. For the last 6 weeks they were the only pants that fit. You get the idea – she carries BIG.

Due to this, her bellybutton has suffered collateral damage. During her first pregnancy, it totally flattened out, and even became a bit convex at later stages. It’s never been the same since, and pretty easily pops out when she’s pregnant. In fact, she even marks the date when it finally pops out entirely on her pregnancy calendar.

Well, the other night we were having a quick peek to see what it was doing (as she’s already showing slightly – at 6 weeks). So I was looking at her bellybutton, and all of a sudden it looked like something inside of it moved and tried to jump out through her skin. I’m talking the Alien Trilogy here, folks. It was CREEPY. She, of course, though it hilarious and tried to do it again. You know how when you see a horrible accident but you can’t take your eyes off it? That’s me and the creepy bellybutton.

By the time you read this she’ll probably be in full-blown maternity wear, and the bellybutton will be nothing more than a squishy area on her rapidly expanding abdomen. And, God willing, she won’t be able to freak me the heck out with her bellybutton anymore.