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it’s a smart fortwo, but not a smart forme

This past weekend had some good points and some bad points, if you look at it through a purely “me getting a new vehicle” perspective. Admittedly it’s a fairly narrow point of view, but so long as you understand that I’m not exclusively evaluating the weekend based on that, we’ll get along just fine. Now then…
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a rose by any other name…

A Public Service Announcement (a.k.a. something obvious if you stop to think about it) from Not From Toronto:

Although it sounds really funny, calling the sentuous act of lovemaking “freaky ill na-na” to your wife is NOT advised. Instead of sharing a good laugh at a funny name, it will likely result in your getting a funny look, and potentially delay future physical love. Other humourous names may also have this effect.

Heh… “freaky ill na-na”. Heheh.

the position is (finally, almost) mine

Today I had a meeting with the division manager at work to discuss this position that was dangled in front of me over a month ago. He initiated the meeting, likely at the prodding of the saleman for the project, who has been asking for a project supervisor for some time now. In any case, the meeting was kind of anti-climatic. We went over some points of what the position would entail, some short-term objectives, and some long-term objectives. We discussed when I could transition into the position (answer: once my current project can be handed off – a couple weeks at most) and agreed that I could start in on things soon. …and that was it.

There was one surprise, in that the position is a contract one initially. That’s fine and good – that much I expected, but I anticipated that it would be a *direct* contract, not going through the company I’m contracting through right now. Keeping things status quo means there’s no salary bump (other than the $2/hr I asked for and got, effective last week) and I don’t get to get out from under the contract I’m currently in. There was also no discussion on an exact timeline of when it could/would be decided that I’d be brought on permanently. That’s an important part of the puzzle, so I’ve sent that question off to the division manager for an answer.

The long and the short of it is that I’m going to be retasked here, and the opportunity for a permanent position is wide open. Not exactly the thunderclap change I was hoping for, but it’s a good step in the right direction.

back from FLA

This past week the family and I were in central Florida, specifically Kissimmee. If you don’t recognize the name, it’s just outside of Orlando, and right next door (figuratively speaking) to Disneyworld. Yes, the annual extended family trip went to Disney this year! Well, sort of. At no point during the trip did all sixteen of us (yes, we’re up to 16 people total now) actually do the same thing in any one day, save for eating dinner. In any event, it was a good trip, and now I need to rest up from our vacation. Funny how that goes, huh?
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how very Monday of me

What does it say about me when I manage to put my underwear on backwards – for what is very likely the first unintentional time since I was a wee lad – and simply fail to notice? (And no, I do not intentionally put on underwear backwards. Usually. THAT conversation is way beyond the scope of this post.) I only discovered my error after some frustrated groping for the fly in the bathroom after I got to work. I couldn’t live with it – I had to reorient, otherwise it would have bugged me for the rest of the day.

Talk about a weird vibe to start the day off with. I’m going to blame our very loud cat who was pestering me after getting out of the shower, and the weird dreams I woke up from in which I was attempting to bathe in a swimming pool, and had confronted a friend of ours who turned out to be some sort of demonic being that wanted to consume my life force.

I’m hoping the day will normalize from here, but all bets are off. I’m going to check my socks now.

peak oil and used cars

The lease on my Elantra is up in July, we’re way over on our kilometer allowance, and although it’s relatively efficient, I should really be driving something much more economical. Thus, I’ve been thinking a lot about cars. (Again. Surprise.)

As a biofuel enthusiast, I’d really love to power my next vehicle with a more carbon-neutral fuel. While ethanol could be used in a gas-powered vehicle, it involves changes to the fuel system, and trying to find ethanol. (Good luck.) As it’s illegal to make it yourself, I’m going to focus on the other mainstream biofuel, biodiesel. I know someone who has developed his own reactor and extenstively tested and documented it, so there’s no problem with me learning how to make my own fuel there. Thus, I’m going to be looking for a diesel vehicle.

The three candidates are the Volkswagen Golf TDI, the Volkswagen New Beetle TDI, and the smart fortwo CDI. All are extremely thrifty vehicles, the smart especially so. Were it just a case of “What do I really want to drive?” I’d get the smart in a heartbeat. Save for the two economy-minded hybrids out there (one of which, the Insight, isn’t available anymore) the smart is the thriftiest vehicle available in Canada. Perfect, right? Well, maybe.
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progress! (of sorts)

Today the division manager sent me an e-mail about the position available here at work. Yes, the subject has finally been broached once more. Unfortunately, there was no job description to go along with his e-mail, instead he was requesting a copy of my resume. As he didn’t have a direct hand in hiring me before, he has no idea what my qualifications or skills are, so I guess he’s having to start from square one in hiring me. That’s fair, I guess – I’ll get a resume to him tomorrow after I tailor one specifically for this position tonight.

The only downside is that he indicated that this will initially be a contract position. Argh. Contract-to-perm? Perhaps – he didn’t say. (And I’m not going to ask until we actually have a sit-down, face-to-face meeting on the whole subject.) In any case, there is now a little, tiny bit of momentum here. Hopefully everything will be a downhill roll from here on out.