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the joys of corporate computing

The company I am at now is comprised of 6 divisions (which don’t always play nice together), five locations (three of which are a stone’s throw from each other), and ONE harried IT person handling it all. The best part is her “English”:

Hi All,
Due to a lot of good e-mails are blocked by message body scan portion, I had disable this option so that all incoming will not scan the body content and will let them go through to you.

Yikes. Anyways, today I needed this person to troubleshoot my Outlook (ugh), as I was getting errors trying to send internal e-mail. She logged in remotely and played around with my system while speaking to me on the phone. Suddenly she asks, “Did you install Mozilla Firefox??” Uh oh. She’s gone off before about people installing programs without her permission, and now I’m about to be smacked on the wrist.

The reason I installed Firefox? Well, tabbed browsing for one, but mostly to avoid using the ancient, buggy, exploit-ridden IE 6.0 that is installed on my less-than-6-month-old machine. In other words, to help her keep the integrity of my system. But no, I have to uninstall it. Great.

Why this company thinks one person is enough to handle the IT requirements of an entire company with probably 75 office staff at 5 different locations, I have no idea. But she’s got her power, and she’s clinging to it. As a result, I write this in IE 6.0. Yech.


a wrench in the works

I’ve been trying to keep a level head about the prospect of full-time work. It’s becoming progressively easier, unfortunately. I’ve still not been provided a job description of any sort, and the entire notion has been mentioned only once recently. I know for a fact that the need is there, it’s just a matter of corporate will to fill it.

Unfortunately, that corporate will may become preoccupied filling a different role now. My supervisor – the one who asked me if I was interested in a full-time position – has just announced that he will be leaving for another company in two weeks. As he is the operations manager here, his leaving will produce a large hole in the company organizational structure, one that will desperately need to be filled. HR may be preoccupied filling it, and the remaining management may be too busy working around it to bother with filling any subordinate roles.

That’s my take on it. Whether that’s true remains to be seen. It’s entirely possible that I could be swept in within the next two weeks, but I find that an unlikely scenario. So once again I will notch down the excitement about such a possibility, and keep looking for something else local.

UPDATE: I talked to management, and it sounds like they still want to fill the position (with me, no less), and they see no reason why it couldn’t be filled while a new Ops Manager is being sought. So the opportunity and will is still there… for now. I’m going to hope like crazy, but I’m still not holding my breath – as much as I’d like to.

UPDATED AGAIN! In discussing the pending departure of the operations manager, some of the shop managers are of the opinion that this company has trouble acquiring and retaining talent due to salary issues. In other words, the pay ain’t great. I’m a long way from any negotiations, but I’ll have to keep that in mind, and figure out what my game plan will be in the case of a lowball offer.

Happy pi day!

Happy pi day to all! I was reminded this morning (by CBC Radio2, of all sources) that today is the 3rd month and the 14th day… 3.14, or pi. I remeber Wil Wheaton celebrating pi day in one of his posts (back when I read WWDN:IX religously), and promptly forgot about it, until today’s reminder.

I’m not really sure what the proper salutation for pi day is, but I guess “Happy pi day” will have to suffice. It should follow that pie is served on pi day, no? Tortiere for dinner (meat pie) along with a suitable dessert pie to follow. Yeah.

Anyway, happy 3.1415926535897923… drat, I’m already stuck. I used to know it to about 60 decimal places in highschool. Ah, youth.

NFT’s new home

Welcome to the new home of Not From Toronto. With the old site having started crapping on the carpet (metaphorically speaking) it was time for a move. Thanks to my good friend Jerry for hosting NFT for the better part of a decade – I owe him a good bottle of scotch or a nice dinner. Meanwhile, update your NFT bookmark and RSS feed and start enjoying the new WordPress-based Not From Toronto.